Clint is a professional Artist/Designer and event Production Manager. His specialities are Stage Facades, Lighting Design and large-scale outdoor Spectacle Art Installations.

Clint’s prolific career over the past three decades began studying formalist and classical sculpture at the Canberra School of Art. After graduating with distinction he entered the theatre to design stage sets and costumes for traditional and experimental companies. With the rise of popular music festivals in the nineties, Clint then moved onto making monumental fire sculptures, which combined, searchlight choreography, laser animation, pyrotechnics and performance.  By the millennium, his “Spectacle Art” installations had received national and international acclaim, this lead to many commissions by large-scale music events designing main stages with Artwork facades and integrated lighting.

Clint continues to systematically fuse his production experience with a passion for creating memorable Art. He has a formal background in research methodology, and is developing a users guide to The machinations of Spectacle Art. In recent years Clint has focused on mastering the latest multi-media software for programming moving lights, controlling lasers and video mapping. 

Clint is an active member of the vibrant Byron Shire community in northern N.S.W Australia, and is the director and founder of the Byron Bay International Fashion Festival, which is now in its fifth year. Future projects include design and direction of a Fire Spectacle for the closing ceremony of the NSW regional arts program, a revised main stage for Splendour in the Grass Tipi Forest, and an installation at the new Gold Coast Art Gallery sculpture park.