Clint is a trained artist/designer and professionally works in the entertainment industry by commission. His passion is the live control of original stage and lighting designs. He has a formal background in research methodology at Griffith University and is preparing a manual on the reoccurring aesthetics of Spectacle art. Presently his position as director of the Byron Bay International Fashion Festival gives the event a unique artistic edge.

Clint’s prolific career over the past three decades began studying formalist and classical sculpture at the Canberra School of art. After graduating with distinction he entered the theatre to design stage sets and costumes for traditional and experimental companies. With the rise of popular music festivals in the nineties, Clint then moved onto making monumental fire sculptures which combined performer choreography, laser animation and pyrotechnics.  In the nineties, his “Spectacle Art” installations had received national acclaim, and this lead to many commissions by large-scale music events for stages with integrated lighting designs. For the last ten years, Clint has systematically fused his experience in production design and DMX intelligent light programming with a passion for creating memorable mass crowd moments.