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Carmel Hurrell                   - Photographer - Video shooting and editing

Mark Burton                       - Photographer - Studio assistant - Installation assistant 

Leon Lake                           - Photographer - Installation assistant 

Jester Kerr                          - Photographer - Installation assistant

David Bleach                      - Photographer - Installation assistant - Performer

Pralahda Cave                   - Photographer - Installation assistant

Gabriel Dilworth                - Photographer - Installation assistant

Guy Mansfield                    - Photographer - Installation assistant - Camera man- editing

Sean Latham                      - Photographer - Lighting operation

Genifer Gorzola                 - Photographer - Installation assistant

Sam Naylor                        - Photographer - Studio assistant - Installation assistant

Lushan tan                         - Photographer - Video shooting

Bruce Taylor                      - Photographer - Installation assistant

Robert Guth                       - Photographer

Joe Lafferty                        - Photographer

Sam Paquette                     - Photographer

Andrew Schudmak             - Photographer

Eva Kralovich                    - Photographer

Donatella Parisini              - Photographer

Katherine Pepper               - Photographer

Shiri Bird                           - Photographer

Jeff Dawson                      - Photographer

Jenna Mckinnon                - Photographer

Jacob Jones                       - Photographer

Iva Kraljevic                      - Photographer

Kaoru Alfonso                   - Installation assistant - Lighting design

Richard Mansfield             - Installation assistant - Camera man

Lee Tunks                          - Installation assistant

Merdoc Kerr                     - Installation assistant

Matt Williams                    - Installation assistant

Matt Thomas                     - Installation assistant

Gennifer Gorzula              - Installation assistant

Remo Vallance                  - Installation assistant

Coda Dhuwa                     - Installation assistant

Lloyd Hurrell                    - Installation assistant

Remo Vance                     - Installation assistant

Henry  Rigg                      - Installation assistant

Mark Hahn                       - Installation assistant

Dave Rodgers                   - Installation assistant

Andreas landert                - Installation assistant

Shar Towner                     - Installation assistant

Jimmy Vilamuera             - Installation assistant

Manu Becker                    - Installation assistant

Karen Lake                      - Studio assistant

Zenna Blewitt                   - Studio assistant

Lizz Sharp                        - Make up artist

Jonathan Fae                   - Music composition - Animator - Performer

Kevian White                    - Musician - Performer

Tone Wandellar                - Sound engineer

Greg Alderson                  - Structural engineer

Kirk Laurence                   - Laser animator

Gerade Cann                    - Carpenter

Oz                                     - Projectionist

Shaun Latham                  - Lighting operator

Stuart Vaskess                  - Installation Collaborator Temple state

Cybelle Brakebrough       - Installation Collaborator Temple state

Melta Dal                         - Installation Collaborator Temple state

Robert Foster                   - Installation Collaborator Temple state

Robert Dawson                - Installation Collaborator Temple state

Dave Cuningham             - Performer - Installation assistant

Stevo Extremo                  - Performer

Vicky Crosby                    - Performer

Rusty Kilpatrick                - Performer

Eniel Gury                        - Performer - Arialist

Kirsty Angle                      - Performer

Nana Natsumi                   - Performer

Carmen Goodwin             - Performer

Morgan Kerisit                 - Performer

Tone Broker                     - Performer

Amy Sheridan                  - Performer 

Nicole Spence                  - Performer

Niki Noo                          - Performer

Jackie Fae                       - Performer

Thanks to the many fire performers who have been in group formations

Thanks to the countless onsite volunteers

Special thanks to my friends who have helped to the last minute