"Spectacle Art creates the Grand Moment, unforgettable ethereal beauty"

Spectacle Art events unite the audience in a shared experience by consolidating attention on a memorable moment. Installations have been commissioned to mark important occasions, captivate mass crowds and attract media publicity. Clients include directors from major Art and Music Festivals, National Museums, City Councils, Fashion Shows, Circus Troupes, Rodeos, Speedways and New Years Eve Celebrations.

The installation designs seamlessly integrate state of the art lighting and special effects into the sculptures. Productions are adventures and combine Extreme Performance with Pyrotechnics, Searchlight Choreography, Laser Animation and Data Projection. 

Clint Hurrell is a visual artist with over twenty-five years experience as a production designer specialising in large-scale outdoor Art Installations. Clint is an expert in the theatrical presentation of temporary monumental sculpture and has helped develop the genre of "Spectacle Art". This site is a comprehensive portfolio of his work.